Rex Tillerson begins tense China meeting with Wang Yi

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is meeting his Chinese partner Wang Yi in Beijing in the last leg of his East Asia visit, which has been ruled by nerves over North Korea.

On Friday, Mr Tillerson cautioned Pyongyang that a military reaction would be on the table on the off chance that it undermined South Korea or US strengths.

President Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea was “carrying on seriously”.

He included that China – Pyongyang’s primary partner – had done “little to offer assistance”.

Beijing is probably going to express its outrage at being advised to get control over atomic equipped North Korea amid Mr Tillerson’s visit.

Crash course: By Carrie Gracie, BBC China editorial manager

Late North Korean rocket tests have just upped the ante for Mr Tillerson’s discussions in Beijing.

President Trump has again recommended China is not doing what’s needed to offer assistance.

Be that as it may, the Chinese government demands it as of now watches UN sanctions against Pyongyang and abounds at the sending of another American hostile to rocket framework in South Korea.

Beijing says all players on the Korean promontory resemble quickening trains on a crash course. It cautions that the best way to make North Korea incapacitate is through discourse… which is something the US secretary of state has effectively precluded.

As the primary senior Trump organization authority to visit China, Mr Tillerson will likewise talk about arrangements for a conceivable presidential summit one month from now. The planning is not really promising.

China’s worldwide bet in period of Trump

The US says the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense framework (Thaad) is intended to shield against dangers from North Korea.

Be that as it may, China has asserted the framework goes “a long ways past” the resistance needs of the Korean promontory.

Mr Tillerson, a previous oil official with no earlier conciliatory experience, is booked to meet China’s two most senior representatives on Saturday. On Sunday, he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

What is Tillerson confronting in Asia?

Rude awakening: Has North Korea turned into a more prominent risk?

Mr Xi is booked to visit the United States one month from now for his initially meeting with President Trump.

A few reporters anticipate that Mr Tillerson will make light of any pressures between the two nations in front of that experience.

Nonetheless, a US official revealed to Reuters that Mr Tillerson may raise the possibility of forcing “optional authorizations” on Chinese banks and different firms that work with North Korea in insubordination of assents.

North Korea propelled four ballistic rockets a week ago, and is attempting to create atomic tipped rockets that can achieve the US.